Travel is flooding in the veins of Georges since he was a kid, as his Grand-Father and his parents showed him the way. As a kid, he went on the large ships in the port of Antwerp with his father, active in the maritime business. With all their mysteries about the countries they came from and they would sail to, all these vessels were nourishing his envy to discover the world.

But Georges also loved photography, and that was what he studied first. A career of 26 years in multinational companies, also as expatriate, gave him a sound understanding of business. And as one of his tasks as Sales Manager or Marketing Manager, he ordered incentives, working hand in hand with his suppliers. A fantastic learning school to now better understand the clients’ needs on budget issues, and on the challenge the client has to convince sometimes others inside his company for this or that proposal. It gives him a deep knowledge and understanding of both sides.

Since more than 15 years now he is on the other side, organizing incentives, full of an immense joy by doing so !

He was the initiator for organizing the first ever journey with the Orient-Express from Brussels to Venice, as that mythic train was founded by a Belgian but never travelled from Belgium.

He adores human relations, sharing all he can with friends and his family…but also with all the people life puts on his journey.